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About Montague Vet Clinic

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Welcome to the Montague Veterinary Clinic - Where helping animals live better, and providing the best client service is the main objective of our practice! 

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Our Services & Procedures

Compassionate and High Quality Care


Ultrasound is a great diagnostic tool that is non-invasive. It helps us assess internal organs/structures as well as to diagnose pregnancy in a variety of species. The clinic has a new in-clinic ultrasound as well as a mobile ultrasound.

Therapeutic Laser

A surgery-free, drug-free, noninvasive treatment to reduce pain and inflammation and to speed up healing. This can be used to on a variety of acute and chronic conditions. It is also used on all of our routine surgery patients to help with recovery.

Routine Surgical Procedures

We offer routine spay and neuter surgery for (but not limited to) dogs, cats, and rabbits. These routine surgeries are highly recommended as they prevent unwanted pregnancies but also to decrease and eliminate certain diseases later in life.

Wellness & Vaccinations

Having routine exams (at least once a year) allows us to detect any issues or diseases early on and allow for better treatment and/or management. During these exams, we like to ensure your pet is up to date on vaccines to help protect them against illness and disease as much as possible. Discussing deworming and flea/tick prevention is also an important part of these visits.

Orthopedic & Soft Tissue Surgery

Non-routine surgeries on the ear, eye, skin, and abdominal organs are also frequently performed at the clinic. We also have a surgeon that comes on site to do some orthopedic (bone) surgeries to save our clients a trip to another clinic.

Pet Nutrition

Diet is a very important part of your pet's health. We have a variety of high-quality diets for all your pet's needs. Our staff is more than willing to consult you on any dietary questions and find the best diet for your furry family members.

Dental Cleaning & Extractions

Oral health is a very important part of your pet's overall health, therefore routine cleanings are recommended. We have an ultrasonic dental machine that allows us to clean teeth as well as extract any diseased teeth. February is dental health month every year and to celebrate we offer a discount on dental work.

Direct Dental X-Ray

Dental radiographs are an important part of ensuring good oral health. While an animal is under anesthesia this allows us to assess the part of the tooth that is under the gum to ensure that the teeth that look healthy truly are healthy and do not have any underlying disease.

Full Body Direct Digital X-ray

Having direct digital radiography means that we get good quality radiographs faster. Radiographs are a great diagnostic tool that is not invasive to the animal. Sending the radiographs to a radiologist for a second opinion is also available depending on the case.

Acupuncture & Natural Medicine

A surgery and drug free painless method that can be used to help treat functional problems (pain, non-infectious inflammation, and paralysis) by stimulating acupuncture points. It can speed up recovery time after surgeries such as back and cruciate surgeries. The general conditions which can be treated are musculoskeletal problems (arthritis, vertebral disc disease), skin problems (lick granuloma, allergies), respiratory problems (asthma), gastrointestinal problems (diarrhea, constipation), and seizures.


PennHIP stands for the University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program. It is a radiograph technique using multiple views to assess quality of canine hips as well as giving a quantitative measurement of canine hip joint laxity, a hallmark of hip dysplasia. It can be performed as young as 16 weeks (although we recommend waiting until 6 months) and allows breeders to select breeding dogs that are less likely to produce puppies with hip DJD or dysplasia. The radiographs are taken under sedation by a trained and certified veterinarian and then sent to Antech Imaging Services (AIS) to be evaluated.


OFA stands for the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals and it is a database that aims to reduce the incidence of many genetic diseases (hips, elbows, eyes, teeth, heart, and so much more). It is a great tool for veterinarians, breeders, and prospective owners. They offer recommendations for health testing based on breed and what is the most common genetic issues in that breed. Breeders can check the database to check health status of prospective breeding mates to ensure they are making the best potential matches to minimize or eliminate genetic issues in their progeny.

Large Animal Services

We offer routine and emergency services for all farm animals and horses. We are equipped with two portable ultrasounds which allow us to offer on farm reproductive services such as pregnancy exams, reproductive exams, equine AI, and bovine embryo implantation. We also offer preventative medicine in the form of vaccines, castration, dehorning, treatment and management protocols, pet pig hoof trimming and equine dentistry. We have a CFIA accredited veterinarian on staff to perform Coggins Tests and large animal export papers.